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Thoo! Loafer nan maga

Original price was: ₹1,200.00.Current price is: ₹840.00.

Bombaat ‘Thoo! Loafer nan maga’
Graphic Printed Crossbody Laptop bag

Country Of Origin

Made in India


(Bag) W- 12in H- 16.5in (Handle) H- 29.5in

Ideal For





Graphic Print





Fabric Care

Regular Wash



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* QUIRKY DESIGNS: ‘We have all been there…our marks card has on occasion shown ‘Failed’ quite a few times, much to the anger and frustration of our parents, just like in this case, when this yangry Uncle has just been witness to the less than satisfactory Report Card of his child and has communicated his emotions with a rather ruckus ‘Thoo! Loafer nan maga’ (literal translation, ‘Son of a loafer’)…well, the jokes on him. Don’t wait for this one till the re-exam, but strike while the picking is hot and grab this all time popular and much enjoyed Crossbody Laptop bag.
* UPCYCLED PRODUCT: This is a completely UPCYCLED product. This Crossbody Laptop bag has been given a new lease of life by our craftsmen. The size and shape measurement may vary by 5% more or less.
* INNER POCKETS: Our quirky Crossbody Laptop bag comes with inner pockets, so that you can have easy access to your accessories and phones while you go about your day.
* KEYCHAIN LOOP WITH KEYCHAIN: Displayed on the outside of the bag, it comes with both, a Keychain loop and a metal Keychain to hang your keys or sanitizer securely.
* LAPTOP FASTENING VELCRO STRAP: Seen on the inside of the bag is a Velcro Strap to secure your laptop firmly.
* LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFY: The lining is made from soft and padded fabric making the bag light weight and comfy.
* WASHABLE: These re-usable Crossbody Laptop bags are easy to maintain and are completely washable. You can use it to carry your laptop and accessories conveniently.
* DURABLE: These bags are Strong and Sturdy.
PLEASE NOTE: Since this is an Upcycled product, the color of the fabric may slightly vary from product to product, but the design and quality will be as shown in the images.

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