Bombaat Designs
and Apparels

The word ‘Bombaat‘ has it’s roots derived from the Kannada word ‘Bombat‘ which means ‘Incredible’. We believe that as a Design Brand we want to achieve this goal through our Humor and wit. Our T-shirts are based on everyday life, experiences and words that are used in conversations of common people in and around Bengaluru and India as a whole. We design graphics that represent the common people of India, that focus on his or her experiences of city life and also showcase the rich cultural heritage of life across India.
We do this through our t-shirts like, ‘Chill maadi Swamy’, ‘Mr.Bedappa’, ‘Aiyo Ajji’ etc. We also have ‘Glow in the Dark’ T-shirts that represent the various theatrical art forms seen across India like the Yakshagana, Hulivesha, Bharatnatyam art forms etc. We love to have fun with our Brand and always want to leave people happier with a smile and a piece of History to take home.